Vijay Sethupathi on the airport attack: “It was nothing much”

Vijay Sethupathi was attacked at an airport a few weeks back. He recently reacted to the issue saying, “A very minor issue was blown out of proportion because an onlooker shot the incident on his phone.”


A while ago, at the Bengaluru airport, Vijay Sethupathi was assaulted by an unknown guy. There was footage of him being viciously attacked at an airport that has gone viral. The altercation was eventually resolved by apologies by passengers for attacking Vijay Sethupathi’s assistant. Vijay claimed that the attacker was drunk and the incident appeared to be worse than it was as an onlooker shot it on their phone. The actor talked about the event in an interview with News Minute.

When he was asked about the respective controversy, he said, “It was nothing much. A very minor issue was blown out of proportion because an onlooker shot the incident on his phone. He was drunk. When people are not in their senses they behave like that. Anyway, we took that man to the police station and it was all sorted out. Nothing major. You know how it is these days. Every phone carrier is a filmmaker.”

When asked if he was a fan trying to get his attention, Vijay said, “No no, he was not a fan. He got into an argument with us. The argument continued when we landed.”

The video drew a lot of attention since Vijay was traveling without any security. He responded to that, saying, “I never travel with security!  I only have my best friend with me when I travel. He has been my friend for 30 years. Now he’s my manager also. I don’t like to be surrounded by a group of people. I like to reach out, meet people, talk to them. I don’t want to become an insulated star, cut off from reality because of one incident, the Laabam actor stated.”

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