Vidya Balan reveals the most challenging part of playing Shakuntala Devi

The Vidya Balan starrer Shakuntala Devi’s first song Pass Nahi To Fail Nahi is out. During a press conference, Vidya Balan opened up about shooting for the film. She also spoke at length about the part which was most difficult for her in the film.

The actress plays the character of a genius and who has many records to her name, in fact, she was also nicknamed “human computer”. Vidya jocundly stated, solving Maths equations were the most difficult part for her. “Really doing the Maths was. For Shakuntala Devi, it was nothing because she was a genius.”

Vidya, later on, related on a serious note that imbibing her mannerisms was the most challenging thing to do, “I had to interact with people in the way she did. She used to say, ‘okay I want five good looking boys or five good-looking men’, she would engage people in the performances and I think she had this attitude towards Maths and for her Maths was magic. She had a swag in the way she gave her answers, it was fast, I had to work on that. And that’s what was the most challenging part for me.” She concluded.

The Vidya Balan starrer Shakuntala Devi is all set to release online on 31st July, ’20 on Amazon Prime Video

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