Vidya Balan recalls fellow actress’s comment on her clothes


Vidya Balan while speaking radio host Siddharth Kannan recalled an incident when a fellow actress commented on her dressing sense. Vidya revealed that she was thinking to herself that the actor should focus on her acting skills first, she said was too ‘stunned’ to react at the time.

Vidya told Siddharth Kannan, “One actress I remember told me something about my dressing sense. I wanted to turn around and tell her, ‘First, why don’t you focus on your acting?’”

When asked if Vidya had said anything to her in response, she stated that she had not. “Jab unhone mujhse yeh kaha (When she said this to me), I was so stunned that she had the audacity to say something like that to me, because it’s none of her business,” she explained.

She continued, “And then I thought to myself, ‘Kapdo ke baare mein baat karna bohot aasaan hai, actor agar ho toh thodi si acting bhi kar lo (It is easy to talk about clothes, but if you are an actor, then at least act a little)'”.

Meanwhile, speaking about the ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa’ star she is an avid lover of Indian wear. On the occasion of National Handloom Day, she asked her fans and followers to support the Indian Handlooms as she promoted them. She wrote, “On #NationalHandloomDay let us all resolve to support our weavers across the country in these difficult times by buying and wearing their beautiful creations in our everyday life and also help keep #India’sHandloomLegacy alive. Appreciate the labour of love.”

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