Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah gets trolled on social media as he calls Mughals ‘refugees’

Netizens troll Naseeruddin Shah as he states controversial remarks.

Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah seems to have once again stirred controversy with his latest remarks. The Bollywood actor stated in an interview that the Mughals were ‘refugees’.This clip of him saying the above is going viral on social media that features Naseeruddin Shah saying that the Mughal’s came to India to make it their homeland and it was them who gave the country lasting monuments along with the tradition of dancing, music, painting, and literature. This particular statement of the actors’ did not fit well with the netizens and many of them are trolling the actor on social media.


Previously, Naseeruddin Shah seemed to have irked the netizens wherein he had criticized a section of Indian Muslims for celebrating the Taliban’s rise to power in Afghanistan. With the viral video that had been posted on Twitter, the veteran actor wrote that every Indian Muslim must introspect if they want “reform and modernity” in the religion or rather live with dated “barbarian” values.

On coming to talk about the evolution of Cinema, Naseeruddin Shah, in an interview with the times. shared, “As far as cinemas are considered, more people are making films that they believe in and that’s fantastic. Marathi Cinema is progressing as well. So, the number of films that filmmakers believe in has gone up, as has the number of potboilers. So, the ratio remains the same. I don’t watch TV anymore, but we have indeed lost a great opportunity to make it a medium of education. As for theatre, it is still where it used to be. People who are cray enough will continue going theatre.”