Vaibhavi Upadhyay passes away in a horrific car accident in Chandigarh

The awful news was confirmed by producer-actor JD Majethia, who had the honour of working with Vaibhavi on his TV series Sarabhai Vs. Sarabhai.

A horrific car accident cost the life of well-known TV actress Vaibhavi Upadhyay on Tuesday. The awful news was verified by producer-actor JD Majethia, who had the honour of working with Vaibhavi on his TV series Sarabhai Vs. Sarabhai, and he expressed his shock.

JD provided further details regarding the event, revealing that it happened close to Chandigarh. When their automobile lost control on a bend and drove down a valley, Vaibhavi and her fiancé were in it. She tragically died as a result of the unexpected turn of events.


Her brother hurried to Chandigarh as soon as he heard the news to be with the family, according to ETimes. The distraught family intends to return Vaibhavi’s dead remains to Mumbai so that her last rites may be performed there.

She was described by JD with affection as a very kind-hearted lady and a superb performer who had not yet received the accolades she deserved. JD’s sadness could be seen as he considered how unpredictable life is. He recalled Vaibhavi as a cheerful and peaceful person, and he still has a soft spot in his heart for her role as Jasmine in Sarabhai Vs. Sarabhai.

Her television business colleagues have been severely impacted by the tragic death of Vaibhavi Upadhyay. A close friend of the late actress, actor Deven Bhojani, tweeted his astonishment and grief.

He expressed his sincere sympathies and recalled Vaibhavi as a talented actress. Her demise has left a vacuum in the hearts of those who knew her, and she will be missed by many.

The renowned actress Vaibhavi Upadhyay, who was remembered for her outstanding performances in well-liked programmes like C.I.D. and Adaalat, has passed away. She is most known, though, for her depiction as Jasmine in the adored sitcom Sarabhai Vs. Sarabhai. The entertainment industry is in disbelief after hearing the news of her tragic death in a car accident.