Twinkle Khanna makes a sneaky jab at ‘sons of famous fathers’ in her own ‘Mrs. Funnybones’ flair

Twinkle Khanna hints at Aryan Khan’s case in her new write-up in her own humourous way: ‘sons of famous fathers in news’.

Actress Twinkle Khanna, who is nowadays famous for her book Mrs. Funnybones has written another editorial recently. This time, she has talked about all the issues that made the headline. She wrote about everything in her own humourous way, from the queer Karwa Chauth advertisment to Aryan Khan’s bail denial. We all can agree on the fact that star kid Aryan Khan has been taking up headlines one after the other, as he was arrested for the Mumbai Cruise Drug Raid case, earlier this month.

In her book, she decribed, ‘sons of famous fathers in news’ without mentioning the controversies described above. She discusses Clark Kent’s kid, the next Superman, and how he will be revealed to be bisexual in a forthcoming comic. She goes on to say that her relative advised her to open a CBD (cannabis) oil store.


As alleged by Hindustan Times, the write-up say, “Stop! Don’t even say it as a joke! In fact, just to be on the safe side, I am going to the extent of refraining from using words like blast, high, diet coke or, for that matter, even ‘Wankhede’ stadium because you never know what meaning they may derive when they seize my phone and go through my WhatsApp chats. And as you must have seen, applying for bail these days seems to take longer than graduating from high school. So sadly, I do not wish to discuss your offer of this particular joint venture.’ I quickly clarify as ‘they’ could be listening. And just so we are clear, this ‘they’ is plural and not a preferred pronoun.”

Talking about the LGBT Karwa Chauth advertising, it elicited a range of reactions from online users. In the advertisement, two ladies are getting ready for their first Karwa Chauth, and one of them is applying bleach on the other’s face.