Twinkle Khanna applauds James Mc Avoy for his video message urging fans to help India


Celebrity Twinkle Khana is ardently working for the COVID-19 relief by providing donations and providing leads to the people. Twinkle Khanna recently took her Instagram to applaud James McAvoy, as he encouraged his fans and public to contribute and support India during COVID-19 second wave.
Twinkle Khanna shared James McAvoy’s video on Instagram and captioned it “A big thank you to @jamesmcavoyrealdeal for helping @daivikfoundation with this cause. In real life James may not have his X-men alter ego, Charles Xavier’s telepathic powers but he has something almost as great, empathy.”
The video accentuates the lack of oxygen in the country and talked about the Daivik Foundation which is organizing oxygen concentrators and providing something very similar to India. He mentioned individuals to add to the establishment and shared the subtleties of the equivalent in the inscription.