Trevor Noah speaks up on Afghanistan-Taliban issue, says, ‘Never forget’

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah is back, Trevor in the recent episode spoke up about the American drone bombing in Afghanistan. Here is what he has to say.

Trevor Noah in The Daily Show picked up a serious pitch. The comedic host, who with his quick wit and elite sense of humor could make any topic light and comedic, reminded America to never forget the American initiated Afghanistan  war.

Last Month, after twenty years, when the American force retreated from Afghanistan the Taliban took control of major cities in Afghanistan and with the surrender of Kabul, the twenty years of war and initiative was lost.

America to retaliate on the terrorist camp in Afghanistan before finally departing, drone bombed an area to kill alleged terrorist but now reports are coming up stating that the drone actually killed more innocent Afghans with 7 children rather than terrorist.

During a press conference U.S. Military addressed explained their attack as ‘righteous attack’.

Trevor without missing a beat said, “America got in one final drone strike at the suspected terrorist. You know, for old time’s sake.”

He judiciously pointed out, “Okay, maybe, we have different dictionaries, but if you killed one guy, who you are still not sure was a terrorist, but you definitely killed seven kids, I don’t think ‘righteous’ is the word I would use.”

Trevor paralleled, ” You know, in fact, when you see people use righteous, it’s usually to justify terrible things, that they know they have done. Like, the crusaders said they were righteous. Colonizers said they were righteous. Terrorists say they were say righteous.”

Trevor brought back the memories of 9/11 terror attack and the emotion of ‘Never Forget’ that filled hearts of every American on the 20th anniversary of 9/11th terror attack, ” Never forget, which is a powerful sentiment.”

He continued, “I think we need to expand the meaning of ‘Never forget’ means. You know? I also feel like we should never forget how easily our fear can drive us to do horrible things to other human beings.”

Furthermore he talked about how American drone strike kills innocent people and their family members join Taliban to take revenge on the ones who killed their loved ones. The cycle continues and more and more people join the Taliban while the Afghans continue to suffer the effects of daily war.

Trevor continued his monologue, “So, look I know it’s almost impossible to rule out wars forever, but the least we could do, the least we could do the next time we consider getting into another war is to never forget that it might not actually make anybody feel safer, or safer at all. ” He added, “Never forget, that there are innocent people on the other side.”

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