Top 6 Rowan Atkinson movies that made him a popular comical entertainment star.

British actor Rowan Atkinson, famously known as Mr.Bean’s top 6 rated movies that made his career.

Rowan Atkinson, also known famously to play Mr.Bean,is the king of slapstick comedy. His skits have racket up hundred of millions of views on Youtube and are known all across the world. Surprisingly, his movies are not that quite acclaimed as much as his old TV shows, one-offs, and stand-up routines.

Although interestingly, all of Rowan’s movies that seem to be featuring his well-known characters, including Jonny English and Mr.Bean, they are not  as much rated anywhere as high as the films wherein he is seen to be playing a supporting character. Nevertheless, Rowan Atkinson is a beloved national treasure from voicing a character in an all-time classic animated movie to doing what he absolutely does best, which is his comical acting and expressive personality in some of the beloved British films.


6.The Johnny English Series-6.3

Playing a major role in the James Bond movie ‘Never Say Never Aagin’,he followed that up perfectly with his own Bond movies and his satirical element to it.Considering,in general,the paradoy movies that don’t have quite the best reputation,the ‘Johnny English’ sequels are quite well received and along with it,consistent as well.

The three ‘Johnny English’ movies reach to 6.3 of rating,and as far as satirizing James Bond chartctes comes into matter,English is one of the funniest.

5.Mr.Bean’s Holiday(2007)-6.4

Just as the 1997 movie saw the iconic character,Mr Bean go overseas and visit U.S,the film ‘Mr.Bean’s Holiday’ as well follows the characters adventures as he travels to France.Although there was no such clear rush after the success of Bean,an almost as good sequel hits the cinemas eventually after 10 years.

This movie receives the rating of 6.4.

4.Rat Race(2001)-6.4

Being the biggest Hollywood production Atkinson has been part of,Rat race is,as most of his movies have been, largely funded by the U,K studios.This is the reason it is hardly a asurprice behind the large amount of marketing it had and with it the largest budget for an Atkinson-led movie.

This leads the movie to get a rating of 6.4


TV show ‘Mr.bean’,by the year 1997,has becomes quite a phenomenon wave in the U.K.To this day,Mr.Bean is Rowan Atkinson’s most iconic character and rile he played.This character later became to an important part of the Britsh pop culture and he had a major role in the 2012 London Olympic Gmaes.

2.Hot Shots!Part Deux(1993)-6.6

Being the parody of both ‘Apocalpse Now’ and ‘Rambo’, no better movie of Rowan in the Hollywood that made him get the limelight than this one.

Atkinson carried the all load of the movie with his stoic delivery of certain lines as the prinoer in Iraq,and at the same time being a bumbling idoit of the character.His complimenting contrast of a personality makes the comedy actor the best at what he does.

1.Keeping Mum(2005)

Although there is enough of Atkinsons’ gold-standard slapstick to the movie,it does not have much of it.And as far as Atkinson’s character go,Reverend Walter Goodfellow seemed by far the most normal,although that as well doesn’t say much.This might be one of the reason why ‘Keepoing Mum’ is rated higher than many others that is based on his over-the-top charcaters.

The film plot follows the reverend,who is so fixated on creating the perfect sermon,that he cannot see his own family falling apart right in front of his eyes.This later leads to the housekeeper taking a big step to put things to places.This movies is an overlooked British comedy that deserves little more attention than it receives.