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Top 5 Quotes by Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan, often known as King Khan or by his initials SRK, is one of the most loved actors that Bollywood ever had. His fan following has also found its way around the entire globe, making him one of the richest actors, not only in India but in the entire world.
Shah Rukh Khan has definitely captivated the audience with his charms and extraordinary acting skills, However, the 57 years old actor is also known for being a well-educated person who constantly serves his fans and followers with his wise advice. So today, we are here with the top 5 quotes by King Khan himself to make your weekend even better.

1) “A moment will come when there isn’t anything that’s going right. But don’t panic. With a little embarrassment, you will survive it. All you have to do is make a move and move on a bit.”


2) “Sometimes to move forward you might need to take a few steps back. And there’s no loss in doing something that hurts in the short run but proves worthwhile in time.”


3) “I realise that things don’t always need to be functional to fulfil a need. Sometimes when things are broken, the greatest creativity emanates from their fragments.”


4) “Whatever you’re doing, do it once, then do it one more time, even more carefully. Practice will make everything seem easier. Be diligent, be thorough, and think of every job you do as the first one.”

5) “Whatever it is that is pulling you back, is not going away unless you stand up and start forging your path in the opposite direction. Stop whining and start moving”