TikTok star Leah Smith passes away at 22 after battling bone cancer

TikTok star Leah Smith has died at the age of 22 from stage 4 bone cancer.

Her boyfriend, Andrew, confirmed the news on Monday in a video saying, “I’m sad to say that she passed away today around half-eleven this morning.”


“I just want to say thank you to everyone. All your comments did help, like, she did actually read all of them.”

“Anyone who said anything nice ever, it means more than you realize. We’ll all miss Leah but we’ll make sure that we never forget her,” he continued.

Leah had documented her journey with Ewing Sarcoma, which “begins as a growth of cells in the bones and the soft tissue around the bones,” as per Mayo Clinic, beginning in 2019.

After almost two years, the Liverpool native told her fans and followers that the cancer has been taking a serious toll on her.

She had shared on being in bed for about a week, saying that she wakes up only to feel worse than the previous night.

Previously on February 8, Leah was back in hospital and had shared that her cancer had spread.