These five inspirational quotes by Pankaj Tripathi will change the way you think

Pankaj Tripathi is one of the versatile actors of the Bollywood industry. Coming from a modest background, he has had many ups and downs in his acting career. The actor has donned a varied range of intriguing characters and ruled over audiences’ hearts. During interviews and public appearances, the actor speaks about his struggle and how he came to become the actor that he is today.

If you are going through bad times and feeling overwhelmed in life, here are some of the motivating quotes by Pankaj Tripathi that will change the way you think.


1. “Accept whatever life offers you and move forward with time.” The actor states to be modest in life and accept what comes our way. We mustn’t wine over what we couldn’t get and just keep living our lives graciously.

2. “When a man is extremely lonely, he starts discovering himself.” Pankaj Tripathi who has himself faced a tough journey throughout his life remarked that it is only when you are lonely and alone, that’s when you find your true self-worth.

3. “We are that seeds that fell, got buried in the ground for long and people thought we died. However, we didn’t die, we grew.” Sometimes, while struggling through life, one must keep quiet, as only time will show one’s true potential.

4. “If you are focused and dedicated, the path is automatically created, you don’t need to use Google for navigation.” If one is dedicated in life, then success will surely come to him/her. One doesn’t need to find an alternate way for success.

5. “Destiny also supports the one who works hard.” There will be people who say that sometimes luck favours you, but it only favours those who work hard and are dedicated.

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