These are the WORST Bollywood films according to IMDb!

Here is a list of movies that made it to the worst movies in Bollywood according to IMDB ratings:

Bollywood features a lot of films that have been so illogical that we cringe at every thought of them. These films somehow cause us to doubt our faith in the art of filmmaking. However, the audience is so wide that, despite some films being overly clear, it’s impossible to predict which ones will succeed and fail. What if we let IMDB select the least appealing film?




To sit through this’masterwork’ by Sajid Khan, you will need himmat for sure! A thirty-year-old film was the inspiration for the remake. However, it surpasses the original in every way.



A remake that so destroyed the original’s reputation.



Yes, Abhishek Bachchan is a warrior, but he also has a love interest who resembles a female samurai. The movie was doomed to an awful and inevitable end, regardless of how much sepia filter was used.


Tees Maar Khan

The “Sheila ki jawani” number by Katrina Kaif was the only reason anyone went to see this film. Unfortunately, not even she managed to save a comedy that will only make you laugh if you’ve switched off both your phone and your brain while you’re at the theatre.



Paglapur is a cleverly named village established by mentally ill asylum escapees. Not really, though. After spending 60 years hidden from the outside world, this community may begin to feel like a part of you. Seriously, what were the director and actors thinking while filming this garbage?


Jism 2

The movie only sort of succeeded just because of Sunny Leone, who plays a porn star. It was ruined by an anticlimax sequence in heaven. Your jism would urge you to stop in the middle.




Voodoo rituals that defy logic and healing abilities that destroy science. Sanjay Dutt also touched Bipasha Basu’s temple, giving her “lady feels” (yep, that is a term they actually used).