These are 5 of Shah Rukh Khan’s WORST movies

The cringiest movies of SRK

We all admire SRK as the ‘King Khan’ of the B-Town. But even the Badshah of Bollywood has had his fair share of cringe movies. Let’s just say that this list doesn’t start and end with Ra. One, it is just one of his worst movies. So brace yourselves:

Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna


This was one of Khan’s most annoying roles in a horrible Karan Johar film, a romantic comedy about adultery that can only be described as such. Khan interpreted the character’s condition too literally, giving us a genuinely uninteresting protagonist in his role as a grumpy loser with a limp.



This ridiculously loud Rakesh Roshan melodrama is boring, but what makes the film interesting is how much pain the villain Amrish Puri manages to cause to both the hero Khan and the heroine Madhuri Dixit. The fact that we can’t stop wanting Puri to kill them both and end the whole thing is proof of how awful this movie is.


Oh Darling! Yeh Hai India!

With this outrageous parody that features poetic dialogue and the idea of selling India for just one rupee, director Ketan Mehta attempted to achieve a lot. However, this is a confused and dreadful mess of a movie, even with the odd flash of clarity. Kudos to Khan for completing this in the same year as his biggest mainstream hit, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge.



Shah Rukh Khan spent close to Rs 200 crore on Ra.One, a movie without of any humour, intelligence, or inventiveness. That being said, if you’re looking for a movie where Khan gets between Arjun Rampal’s legs, look no further.

Ye Lamhe Judaai Ke

This 1994–2004 film is only worth seeing for academic reasons, if only to assess how well it holds up over time. This dull mashup of genres lacks the passion we associate with even Shah Rukh’s weakest flicks.