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The lockdown is a blessing in disguise, feels TV Actor Gunjan Utreja

Having the option to stay at home during this lockdown is a luxury, says actor Gunjan Utreja. The actor says that there are many people who don’t have the option of sitting safely in their houses and one must appreciate it. “These are difficult times and there are millions across the globe who are not as privileged as we are, to be locked in big homes. In a country like India, social distancing is a luxury. So, if there is anyone who is getting bored and complaining to be under lockdown then he or she is not aware of the harsh realities of life,” he says.

The actor says that he is enjoying his time at home. “As artists, our job is to constantly work on ourselves. This lockdown can be one of the most liberating periods of our lifetime. Personally, I have always been on the move. I am usually travelling 15 days a month to various countries to shoot or host shows. But I am equally comfortable being confined within the walls of my home with my books, movies, and music. I have always been planning to learn a few musical instruments but couldn’t do as I was always on the move. This has been such a blessing in disguise,” he says.


He adds, “I have divided my time between various things during the day. From cleaning my home to learning new skills, to shooting for my new show, I am doing it all. I have also allocated time for family games and movies daily. Before this lockdown, I never knew we could accomplish so much in a day. A new habit takes 21 days to form. I am using this lockdown period for the same. I have started eating lesser and healthier food than ever. I have learnt a new language and have finished more books than ever. This period has helped me heal physically and mentally. You will only get bored if you are not living your life and just dragging it without an agenda.”