Thapki Pyar Ki’s team member Irfan dies of Coronavirus complications

TV actress Jaya Bhattacharya took to her social media account to mourn the loss of one of the team members of Thapki yar Ki Irfan.

Irfan died after fghting for a long illness and the ailment was further aggravated when Irfan tested COVID-19 positive.


Jaya took to her Instagram account to state that after suffering with the illness for two long years, Irfan finally succumbed to it. She wrote, ““#thapkipyaarki team… The guy inside this, our Irfan, is no more. He was unwell from a long time. I kept on asking him for his reports to try to understand what the basic issue was that was creating all his health problems since the last 2 years but… Gulab Dada told me of his being in hospital and on a bad state some days ago and then his weak body contracted corona. Today news from Susu, Irfan is no more.”

Jaya kept harping on the importance of getting tested and getting proper treatment for the Coronavirus. She went on to further write, “Damn it. This is the second, lovely, hard-working, talanted, person I am losing in this manner. I am no medicine person but if we get to the correct doctor at the correct time for correct diagnosis we can save a life…thats what I believe. I feel like sh*t right now.”

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