Telly actor Pearl V Puri extends a helping hand to more than 100 spot boys in these difficult time

Kindness is free, we should try to sprinkle it everywhere. During such difficult times, one act of kindness can make a whole difference in somebody’s life. People are in dire need of financial aid, who relied on their daily wages to bear basic expenses and it is such a relief to know that some Bollywood and telly actors are making an effort to help such people in need. They are going lengths, out of their comfort zone, to be a messiha in these difficult times.

After Sonu Sood, telly actor Pearl V Puri joined in this initiative by helping more than 100 spot boys by directly transferring money into their bank accounts. In an interaction with Hindustan Times, he revealed that a spot boy called him seeking help and upon learning the plight of these hard-working men, he took this initiative. He said, “ I recently received a couple of calls from spot boys, who were part of my TV shows and they shared that they were facing problems and tough situations due to this lockdown. I thought that there would be so many others like them from the industry. And I felt I should do whatever I can in my capacity to help. It felt like it was my responsibility to help them. So I asked for a list of spot boys, which included their contacts and bank details, and the list I received had more than a 100 names, that too from one particular production house. I immediately transferred money into their accounts, which is the least I could do in these circumstances.”


Along with this, he further continued to the same portal, “We are all in this together and we have to look after each other. My heart weeps for them and I will always do whatever I can for people who are in need. I just hope this pandemic ends soon and we can get back to our lives. Till then please stay home and safe”.

He is not only extending his help to these people, but he is also feeding the stray dogs, who are the most neglected beings in this situation. He is an animal lover, so, not only in his society but he tries to feed the dogs from neighbouring societies as well.

Are we falling in love with his kindness? Well, honestly we did!
Proud of you Pearl!