Taylor Swift moves past Whitney Houston as her track Fortnight from TTPD debuts at top of HOT100

The Swifties are in for a treat!

Billboard has released a list of artists who has the most number of songs listed on HOT 100 and Taylor has appeared on 12th spot with her 12 songs making it to the HOT 100 list. This comes after her track ‘Fortnight’ from her latest album The Tortured Poets Department ft. Post Malone debuts at the top of HOT 100 this week.


The 14-time Grammy winner has now surpassed Whitney Houston, who has 11 songs, and has tied with The Supremes and Madonna.

The list also features The Beatles, who has topped the list with 20 songs and is followed by Mariah Carey, who has listed 19 songs in the HOT 100 list. Rihanna has secured third position as 14 of her songs are being listed on HOT 100 and is just ahead of Drake and Michael Jackson, the both of whom have tied with 13 songs on HOT 100 list. The list also features Janet Jackson and Stevie Wonder – the artist who has 10 songs listed as No. 1 on HOT 100.

Speaking of Fortnight, the fans have speculated that the track is dedicated towards Taylor’s former boyfriend Matty Healy, whom she dated for a brief time period in June 2023.

The star is currently dating the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Travis Kelce.