Tamil actor Vijayalakshmi attempts suicide over alleged media bullying by Seeman and his followers, ‘In sometime I will be dead’

On Sunday, Tamil actor Vijayalakshmi attempted suicide. The actress posted a video revealing the reason behind her drastic step. Vijayalakshmi revealed that she has been under a lot of stress.

The reason behind the actress’ stress was constant bullying and harassment. The actress accused the known political leader Seeman and his party members of pushing her to the edge. Vijayalakshmi revealed that she was a victim of social media bullying by the followers of Naam Tamizhar party, including its leader Seeman and accused them of mental harassment.
In the video, Vijaya can be seen urging the arrest of Seeman and Hari Nadar for harassing her over a difference of opinions.


“This is my last video. I have been under extreme stress in the last four months because of Seeman and his party men. I tried my best to survive for my mother and my sister. I have been humiliated by Hari Nadar in the media. I have consumed BP tablets. In some time my BP will be low and I will be dead,” she said in the video.

She further added that Seeman slut-shamed her via posts on social media and via the medium of her death she wants to tell the world the truth. It will be an eye-opener for everyone and emphasise that she doesn’t want to be anybody’s slave anymore.

As per reports by Times of India, Vijayalakshmi has been admitted to a private hospital where she’s undergoing treatment currently.