Taapsee Pannu refers to word-war with Kangana Ranaut, says ‘It’s validating my relevance’

The ‘Pink’ actress Taapsee Pannu was asked on how she manages to make headlines about any topic, to which she smiled and responded by saying, even her ‘chheenk (sneeze) matters’.


Actress and newly established producer Tapsee Pannu, had often made headlines for her war of words with Kangana Ranaut and it has hogged the limelight. Recently, She told journalist Pooja Talwar, “What is your problem! Isn’t it a good thing, even my sneeze matters.” She continued, “Please don’t jinx it, I am very happy with it. This is the social media mark of relevance. Otherwise so many people go around sneezing, who cares? But I am glad, people find something to talk about in even half a photo of mine. Maybe I copied someone just by being born a female.”

Taapsee Pannu was most likely to referring to Kangana Ranaut and her sister Rangoli Chandel’s frequent statements against her, naming her a ‘sasti copy ‘(cheap knockoff) of Kangana. In response to which Taapsee said, “It’s validating my relevance.”

After the Kangana Ranaut was banned from the Twitter for spreading unnecessary violating policies. In a response to same, the ‘Pink’ actress said to Hindustan Times, “No, I don’t miss her. I didn’t miss her, or want her, also before. She’s too irrelevant for me, in my personal life. She’s an actor, she’s a colleague in that respect. But more than that, she doesn’t hold any relevance in my life. I don’t have any feelings for her, good or bad. And I think hate and love both come from the heart. If you hate someone, it comes from the heart. But the worst is when you don’t care, when you’re indifferent towards that person, when that person doesn’t hold any value or relevance in your life. I think that’s the worst feeling a person can have for the other. And that is that, so it doesn’t matter to me.”


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