Sutapa Sikdar drops throwback pic of Irrfan Khan and son Babil, says ‘can never fill the void’

Irrfan Khan’s wife Sutapa Sikdar drops throwback pic of actor and son Babil. She says it ‘can never fill the void’. After 2 years of his death, the actor’s fans are still trying to come to terms with it.

Irrfan Khan’s death in April 2020 is a jolt for the whole country. He suffered a long battle of cancer before his death. His fans are still active in his movies and trying to come to terms with it.

Sutapa Sikdar, wife of Irrfan Khan with her sons Babil and Ayaan Khan often remembers him. His wife shares a post in her Instagram handle, remembering their old days. She posts a picture of Irrfan and son Babil from a film set.


Sharing the snap, Sutapa opened up about the father-son bond and said that she can never fill the void. “When father and son work on the same film ‘on’ and ‘off’ camera – I don’t know what they were discussing but it always seemed like a life or death matter (whether it be the difference in the taste of today’s nimbu Pani to that of yesterday’s or perhaps some actual existential inquiry),” she captioned the post.

She further added, “Irrfan do you miss our conversations? Babil misses these terribly. may you give me the place of second-best conversation companion in your life Babil atam. I know I can never fill the void you feel.”

On the actor’s 55th birth anniversary, in her interview she says, “I’m sure there are many fathers who do it. But for me, it was a surprise that he never imposed his expectations on his kids (Babil and Ayaan Khan). They were never burdened with family legacy or considered bearers to take forward the family tree. Irrfan believes being good people was all that’s required. He never used the word ‘future’ for his kids. He wanted them to enjoy the present. They never heard any preachy lesson of family traditions and values, which they had to carry onward.”

“He said that the human race is a burden on this universe, so let’s be as grateful as possible to the universe. He hated the word ‘proud’ and never used it. Even he didn’t believe in making the kids a prototype of a certain religion, caste, or creed. But unintentionally he filled them with wisdom and spirituality. I always felt that he would create a new spiritual order and that he would finally leave every stardom or trap, which enslaves the human soul,” she had added.