Sushant Singh Rajput's Hindi teacher reveals, actor's manager promised her, he would fix a meeting with him 'next time that will NEVER COME' | Business Upturn

Sushant Singh Rajput’s Hindi teacher reveals, actor’s manager promised her, he would fix a meeting with him ‘next time that will NEVER COME’


Sushant Singh Rajput was one star kid, he was always charming and raring to go when he as in school and his sudden suicide has shaken the very foundation of his school teachers who knew him to be always very positive and motivating. Now, after his death they are looking for newer ways to educate children about depression.

Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide by hanging himself to a ceiling fan. his body was discovered on Sunday, 14th June, ’20. Sushant Singh Rajput passed out of his Patna school in the year 2001. According to a Hindustan times report, the principal of Sushant’s school who was a vice-principal when Sushant was a student is grieved and shocked to hear the news.

“We are not able to believe that the news of his demise is true. He had joyful nature and he was a good sports player. He was not among those who quit anything easily.” Principal Seema Singh told Hindustan Times.

She further stated, he was like an example for the students. She has been further quoted by the same publication as saying, “He had set an example for (students) to dream bigger and fetch impossible. It’s a never compensating loss to us.”

Sushant’s Hindi teacher Suniti Bahadur has been quoted by Hindustan Times as saying, “I taught Sushant in Class 9 and 10. I cannot believe the boy who used to make everyone laugh and filled with zeal can do anything like this.” Deepali Gautam, an alumnus of the school who made her debut in Bollywood with Super 30 last year, said, “It is like a personal loss to me. I always admired him and followed his steps. In my low times, his success inspired me to fight and step forward.”

She further told the publication, that during one of his film’s shoot, she had a chance to meet the late actor but due to his busy schedule she couldn’t meet him and that his manager assured her, he would fix her a meeting with Sushant the next time for sure but now the next time won’t ever come.

Principal Seema Singh has further told the publication that it has become so difficult to find out people’s real emotion behind smiling face and that one should never think of ending one’s life because he or she leaves a lifetime of pain and desperation for his or her family and friends. She further went on to state, one should always speak one’s heart out to their family and friends and that together one can deal with anything. She also said, that the young students must bring it in practice instead of battling with troubles alone and losing their precious lives.”

According to a PTI report, Sushant’s Delhi Technological University (DTU) authorities are planning to organise an online prayer meeting in his memory. After enrolling at DTU, Sushant dropped out of his engineering to pursue his Bollywood dreams.

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