Sushant Singh Rajput was not going financially unstable, reveals a close friend to the actor

Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide on Sunday. Death of Sushant has made many revealation about the dark world behind the bright, glamorous life of Film Industry. But his sudden demise has not just relevead truths but also left room for many speculations.

One of those speculations was that the ‘Raabta’ actor was suffering Financially too. While it is being largely speculated about his rough financial patch, but all these reports were nullified by one of his close friend.


A source source close to PinkVilla, who also one of Sushant’s few close friends and happens to be an industry insider as well, shares, “Sushant wasn’t going through a financial trouble as is being discussed. He had a few films lined up and a few more in discussion. From what I know, his dates were all booked till mid-next year. If he signed the other two films, he would have had five projects by 2022. He was also charging to the tune of Rs 8 crore per project.”

He further added, “There were two producers who were planning to meet him later this month. Since he wasn’t in touch with them, they had spoken to one of his close buddies and even shared how they would love to pay him to the tune of Rs 11 crore for their film, a riveting drama.”
Earlier filmmaker Rumi Jaffrey revelead that Sushant and his rumoured Girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty was going to do a rom-com.