Sushant Singh Rajput Suicide Case: Police recover 5 personal diaries from actor’s Bandra residence

It has already been three days since the gi event of Sushant Sing Rajput’s suicide happened. Since then there have been umpteen speculations behind the cause of this drastic step. People have been going crazy over the social media trying o figure out just that.

Netizens have sammed Karan Johar and ALia Bhatt and other Bollywood bigwigs for fanning nepotism.After Sushant’s suicide there was no suicide note that was found by the police. The autopsy report confirmed that it indeed was suicide. As of now, 10 people close to Sushant have been interrogated including his family members, house helps and close friends. Today, his best friend, casting director Mukesh Chhabra too was summoned by the police who cooperatively gave his statement regarding Sushant.

In his official statement, Mukesh Chhabra said, Sushant was a very polite person and that he was absolutely unaware of whether the Bollywood bigwigs have denied him work refuting the speculations in a way. “He was a very intelligent actor who didn’t like talking over phone. Most of the times when we called him he used to disconnect the calls. He loved playing games on playstation and loved reading books, especially on quantum of physics”.
And the newest is, according to a Times Now report, the police have recovered 5 personal diaries from Sushant’s Bandra residence. The cops will be going through the contents of the diary to get a deeper insight into his life and struggles.

And also according to a Pinkvilla report, the police is also set to question all those who were in touch with the actor in the last ten days. “Some communication has been found on Sushant’s phone’ which is the reason why the cops will be investigating the people concerned.”
What is the find of the investigation, only time will tell. Till then we can just pray for Sushant’s soul to rest in peace.

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