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Sushant Singh Rajput kept hinting at LOVE, BREAK UPS and DEATH through his cryptic social media posts


Sushant Singh Rajput was pretty open about his relationships, well, only on the social media platforms, the actor who is reported to have committed suicide by hanging in his Mumbai apartment was not open to talking about his private life in front of the people in person strangely. The actor’s death was confirmed by the Bandra police officials. Details of his death are still being looked into.

However, let us look back into his life and see what are the turmoils that he wet through and which ones among those did he share with all and sundry.

Sushant was pretty active on Twitter and he used to constantly tweet about his successes, failures, at times he was brazen enough to tweet his jeers to fellow industry people about their sham. He was also pretty open about his failed love life. He used to make his innermost thoughts come out and how on the social media platform to make sure people got to know a slice of his innermost being.

We all know about the bitter break up the actor had with actress Ankit Lokhande. The duo starred together in Pavita Rishta. They fell in love, it bloomed, their relationship did too, but it didn’t take much long before it all went south.

Sushant had a bitter fall out with Ankit and he did make it a point to rue over his failed relationship time and again. He let out the feelings of his nethermost corners out on Twitter.

He took to Twitter and in a cryptic post addressed his ex-lover Ankita. He wrote, “Sugarman Won’t u hurry Coz I’m tired of these scenes For a blue coin Won’t u bring back All those colours 2my dream.”

Well, in this tweet he is clearly expressing his desire to get back some love that he used to have previously. He is also mourning about how, the days that have gone will never come back.

Thereafter Ankita too took to her Twitter and wrote, ” “Hamari chahato ka mitt naa sakega fassana.”
Well, this line is from a very famous song that has been sung by Kumar Sanu. This line goes to show how Ankita too harboured love for him but there were surely circumstances, there were situations that were ill-fated and therefore the tw could never reconciliate ever again.

The actor was also believed in death in very uncannily, time and again his Instagram speaks of just that in this one he is alluding to death, Taking it to Instagram, he captioned one of his image as,”I die with my every exhale, only to be born wanting to live your smile, just one last time, every time…❤️➰#selfmusing”.

Sushant Singh Rajput was pretty vocal about his opinions too on the industry and the award functions so on and so forth. A self proclaimed dreamer, the actor didn’t waste a minute’s time before he took a jibe at IIFA for having awarded Shahid Kapoor in Padmavat and not himfor MS Dhoni. He cryptically tweeted, “hahahaha,” tagging the IIFA Twitter handle, on July 15 Padmavati.

We hope, now the actor finds the solace he was so constantly looking for. We hope his soul rests in peace.