Sukesh Chandrasekhar threatens Jacqueline Fernandez for moving to Delhi Court against the letters, says, “I will go all out to expose anything” 

Jacqueline Fernandez has been making headlines recently for legal matters. The actress was being associated with the money laundering case, which found Sukesh Chandrasekhar guilty. Though Jacqueline has claimed that she isn’t involved in any crime, the court has yet to give any verdict.

Sukesh Chandrasekhar is currently in the Tihar Jail, Delhi, facing his penalty. The accused keeps sending many letters to Jacqueline from the jail, expressing his love. Regarding those letters, the actress approached the Delhi Court to look into the matter. In response to this, Sukesh has sent her another letter, threatening her.


In the newly received letters, Sukesh wrote about exposing his conversations with her but he has refrained himself from doing it just because of his concern towards her. “I never expected this even in my wildest dreams, but I guess “heart” is made to always be shattered or broken,” as reported by Bollywood Hungama.

Adding further, he stated, “I was shocked frozen as after all that you do, protect, safeguard someone, they turn around, stab you back hard, as they think now that they are safe and act victimized and start blame games, and point saying “look here is the Devil, the Bad Guy.”

Sukesh said that he would expose everything in accordance with the law. “So, with shattered heart, I have decided not to stay hurt, numb or quiet, one should know truth is very powerful. Now it’s time, World needs to know the truth, the reality and now I will go all out to expose anything in accordance to law.”

He concluded the letter by writing, “Even the smallest fact of payments worth few million USD paid for social platform enhancement to compete and race against a very prominent individual colleague of this person also will be brought in open with all the relevant payment invoice paid by me, as in accordance of Indian Evidence Act,” as reported by Bollywood Hungama.

Jacqueline’s advocate appealed to the Delhi High Court regarding the previous letters. The hearing for the same has been scheduled for 17th January, wherein the court will hear the entire argument by the petitioner.