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Special court in Mumbai denies giving custody of Munmun Dhamecha’s electronic devices

The 2021 Drug Cruise case happened to become a controversial tragedy for the Bollywood industry as many star kids indulged in it. Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan had been arrested along with other known personalities such as Arbaaz Merchant and Munmun Dhamecha.

During the special court session held on Wednesday, it was decided to not hand over the custody of Munmun’s electronic devices. As gadgets can be easily tampered with due to software mechanisms and they are also a piece of vital evidence for the case, the order was being passed.


Judge RR Bhagwat, ruling over the case, said in the statement, “It is easy to tamper with the contents of the software and hardware of these electronic gadgets. Therefore, it is not proper to return these articles to the accused.”

Dhamecha’s lawyer Ali Kaashif Khan has argued, attempting to retain the seized items. However, the Narcotics Control Bureau’s (NCB) public prosecutor has opposed the argument by saying that these electronic devices contain significant evidence in certain forms such as photos, chats, and voice notes. Therefore, are very crucial for the case.

The judge came to the conclusion that Khan did not possess any purchase bills for the items and therefore denied the appeal. However, the court decided to return Dhamecha’s bank passbook and passport.

Before giving the documents back, the NCB’s officers have taken a photocopy of the original ones. Despite this, Dhamecha cannot travel outside of India without the permission of the court

Munmun Dhamecha was arrested in 2021 for carrying 5 grams of Charas on a cruise. The drug was intended for her self-consumption. The NCB has also revealed that Dhamecha has admitted in her statement, that she purchased Charas in Goa from a local vendor.