Sooraj Pancholi: My family is hopeful that CBI will expedite my case

Sooraj Pancholi opened up about his views on the transfer of Jiah Khan’s case to a special CBI court. The actor said that he is hopeful that the case will come to a closure soon.

On Friday, Jiah Khan’s suicide case has been transferred for trial to a special CBI court. Actor Sooraj Pancholi and his family are hopeful that the CBI will expedite his case.

Speaking about this recent development, Sooraj Pancholi in conversation with Bombay Times said that he is satisfied and hopeful that the case will come to a closure soon. “I am a little satisfied with this because my case should have been in the special CBI Court from the beginning. Now that the matter is in the CBI Court, I am hopeful that we will see closure to this. If the court finds me guilty, I should be penalized, but if it doesn’t, I deserve to be set free from these charges,” he said.


Actress Jiah Khan committed suicide on June 3, 2013. Talking about the last eight years of his life, he said, “This period has been tough for me. I trust that there will be light at the end of this tunnel. It has been tough on me because the industry and everything around it works on perception and the perception about me has not been what I would have liked it to be. It was ruined years ago. I don’t know how I survived the last eight years; my family’s support has seen me through it all.”

He added, “I have tried forgetting the experiences I have had through these years. My aim is to look ahead and move forward. My family is hopeful that the CBI Court will at least be expeditious with the case.”

Sooraj Pancholi made his Bollywood debut with the 2005 movie, Hero. The actor had also received the Filmfare award for Best Newcomer in 2016. Later, he was seen in movies like Satellite Shankar and Time to Dance. Sooraj’s upcoming project includes Prakash Nambiar’s ‘Hawa Singh’.