Sonu Sood surprises her sister with a revamped version of her exquisite house in Moga, Punjab

Recently the architectural digest surprised everyone with their post on how the Bollywood actor-producer Sonu Sood recently said, ‘My sister has played a major role in making me what I am today “She lives with her family in Moga and I decided to gift her something.” The 5,000-square-feet home has been redesigned by the Godrej Interior, a brand well known for its philosophy, ‘Make Space for Life’, thus, by implementing the philosophy in their interiors as the design of the furniture being the epicenter of the whole craft.

Image Credit- Architectural Digest


The aura of the house is extremely personal and keeping this in mind the team from the Godrej Interior accordingly sculpted the house.

The blend of the grey and blue textures enhances the look and feel of the entire décor. Exquisite furniture radiates the luxurious comfort and finesse of the designs. The intricate abstract artwork is flooded on the walls have been finished with a considerable amount of precision.

Living Room Image Credit- Architectural Digest


Dining Room, Image Credit- Architectural Digest

As per the recent article by the team of Architectural Digest they quoted that,‘ smooth-edged dining table, paired with rotating dining chairs take center-stage in the dining room while a buffet table, containing ample storage space, stand against the wall.’ They further stated that ‘decorated with a minimal pendant light that crowns the 6-seater dining table.’

Kitchen, Image Credit- Architectural Digest

The kitchen has a finishing of the impeccable wooden work. The beauty of the kitchen is further enhanced with a sleek white quartz countertop that increases the overall aesthetic
of the same.

Kid’s Bedroom Image Credit- Architectural Digest


Guest Bedroom Image Credit- Architectural Digest
Master Bedroom Image Credit- Architectural Digest

The magnificent house comprises of a guest bedroom, kid’s bedroom, and a master bedroom- each of which have a vintage appeal of the wooden flooring. In general, the usual textures selected for the interior are soft and calm, therefore, giving it a sense of tranquillity and serenity. The usage of bold and bright colours has been avoided throughout the design work.

Nevertheless, we hope that our siblings grab a tint of inspiration from Sonu’s adorable gesture towards her sister!