Sonu Sood posts a depressing tweet after he failed to save a Life

Sonu Sood took to Twitter to discuss an event in which he was unable to save a life despite his best attempts. With all the sadness around him, he admitted to feeling very upset.

Sonu Sood has been on high alert since the pandemic began. He has gone above and beyond to help everyone. The actor has frequently expressed how wonderful and satisfying it is to be able to help someone. However, there are days when his efforts do not achieve the desired consequences, and he loses someone despite the support. On Wednesday, he resorted to Twitter to discuss similar instances and express how sorry he is to witness so much grief around him. He asked for kindness as well.

“A 25 years boy whom we were trying to save,  lost his battle to covid today. All these days despite knowing that his survival chances of survival were minimal. l would  speak to the doctor everyday with hope,” he tweeted, adding, “Never had the guts to share the reality with his parents, who knew what was coming. When u lose someone, u wish u could save someone. Another 29 year young bodybuider whom we saved is now critical in a hospital in telangana.Spoke to the inconsolable sister for 20 mins and gave her hope. Feel very sad to see so much of sorrow around. God be kind.”


Sonu Sood has recently completed 19 years in the film industry. As the country battles the second wave of Covid-19, the actor thinks he has now discovered his real calling. He has actively helped people find Covid supplies such as beds, oxygen cylinders, and medicines.

The actor will appear in the upcoming films “Prithviraj” and “Kisaan.”