Sonu Sood breaks into tears while talking about the COVID-19 situation in our country


Actor Sonu Sood has actively been working during the crisis of COVID-19 since last year and still initiating his full efforts for the residents of India. While Talking to the Journalist Barkha Dutt, actor Sonu Sood broke down into tears and said, “My heart breaks when I see all that. I have been listening to all these people, and when I see those visuals, I can imagine myself,” and added “Now I sometimes thank god that they are no more (his parents). I imagine they would have been so helpless and running for them, you feel failed like a failed human if you are not able to get oxygen for your loved ones, a bed in the hospital for your loved ones. You fail as an individual, aapko lagta hai zindagi mein aapne kya kiya (you feel like you’ve done nothing in life).”
The hard-hit of the second wave in our country made people realize how important the medical health care system is and how inversely we treat medical responsibilities it is in our country