Song Kang Talks About His Drama Roles And Dancing In ‘Navillera’

Song Kang Talks About His Drama Roles And Dancing In ‘Navillera’

During the first few months of 2021, actor Song Kang starred in three very different Korean dramas. He plays a shy student, who bravely battles monsters in the horror drama Sweet Home, a disappointed lover in the second season of Love Alarm, and a talented but disheartened ballet dancer in the currently airing Navillera. Each character has some qualities the actor can identify with.

“I think my characteristics are reflected in all of the roles I played,” said Song. “In Sweet Home’s Hyun-su, you can see my introverted personality—sometimes I’m timid, and I like to stay home.

“During the filming period, I’m often immersed in the emotions and situations of the character I play almost all day long,” said Song.

Love Alarm’s Sun-oh shows a side of me that tries to express myself sincerely even though I’m awkward at it. I felt Chae-rok of Navillera was similar to me in that he works passionately toward his dream. I imagine and ponder the emotions and situations of the character before I portray it, so it seems that my actual characteristics permeate each work.”

It’s a lot of characters to embody in a short time, but saying goodbye to one and moving on to another has so far not been a problem.

But when the filming is over, I am quick to return to my daily life. I think the best way to let the character go without regrets is to do your best in every work, rather than saying goodbye in a specific way. After finishing a series, I return to the position as a viewer and watch what I worked on almost every day, meeting the character that I played.”

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