Sonam Bajwa opens up about why she refused Bollywood films earlier: Too concerned about Punjabi culture?

Punjabi actress and growing Bollywood diva, Sonam Bajwa in an interview has opened up why she rejected Bollywood movies earlier. The actress said she was too concerned about her fans reaction. She also said that she has rejected movies that had kissing scenes she didn’t want to hurt her fans and family back then.

In an recent interview Sonam was seen being vocal about her choices. She said she has turned down couple of offers from Bollywood because she used to think is Punjab going to be okay with it?. Most of the time they have mentality families should approve this, families are watching, the actress further added.


Sonam revealed that she said no to a film just because there was kissing scene in the movie. She was always worried about people’s reaction to her actions. The questions what will the people think for whom I have reached this place, how will my family react to this incident and things like this used to revolve in her mind.

But now, the actress says that she feels she should have given those offers more importance before rejecting them. She said few years back when she spoke to her parents regarding this matter, they said it’s ok if it is for a film.

Sonam started her career in 2013 with a Punjabi movie ‘Best Of Luck’. She is considered to be one of the finest actresses in the industry.