Sona Mohapatra shared a mysterious post after criticising Shehnaaz Gill on Twitter – check out

Days after criticising Shehnaaz Gill, Sona Mohapatra tweeted about “success.” In her most recent tweet about “buying PR,” she avoided mentioning any specific individuals.

Sona Mohapatra, a musician, mentioned “paid PR” in a tweet on Tuesday without mentioning any names. The tweet was sent a few days after she criticised Shehnaaz Gill. She urged the unnamed person to “spend time” on their skill in her most recent tweet.

The singer wrote, “Spend some money, time and effort on getting an education; music teacher, acting coach, voice-dialogue intonation coach and practice whatever other craft, you want to project as your talent, profession. ‘Cute, glib talk, sucking up to successful men, buying PR (public relations), SM (social media)’, (is) not success.”


Reacting to the post, some users mentioned Shehnaaz Gill in the comment section. One wrote, “Mic drop truth moment by Sona ma’am.” “Never watched bb13 so its not an attack but genuine ques from shehnaaz fans- what exactly is her talent? Great singer/dancer/actor/comedian? Apart from sidnaaz what exactly are her achievements on work fronts,” added another one. Someone else said, “My advice is focus on ur self over others and it’s none of ur business how others should run their lives and EOD, u must attract audiences whatever it is and whomever u r addressing she is doing that very well and audiences loving her talent. #BiggBoss16.”

Sona earlier appeared to respond to a viral video of Shehnaaz pausing her singing at an occasion when the azaan began playing in the background. It was done as a show of respect, and many people online appreciated it. The performer remarked that it brought to recall the day Shehnaaz supported Sajid Khan when he joined Bigg Boss 16.

She wrote, “All the twitter adulation for #ShehnaazGiII’s act of ‘respect’ today reminded me of her ‘support’, ‘reverence’ & ‘glorification’ of a multiple accused sex offender & pervert #SajjidKhan when he was platformed on National TV.Wished she had some respect for her sisterhood. #MeToo.”


On the platform, Sona has been very outspoken against the Me-Too movement. She had previously criticised Salman Khan as well for letting MeToo accuser Sajid Khan appear on the show, effectively “whitewashing” him.

Sona has posted opinions on social media, but Shehnaaz has not yet commented. She will appear in Salman Khan’s next film Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan, marking her Bollywood debut. She became well-known after Bigg Boss 15.