Some of the inspirational quotes of iconic actor Dharmendra

Dharmendra is an iconic actor and is known for ‘Sholay.’ These are some of the simple but thoughtful lines. Let’s decode meanings.

Films and actors are great but only a few of them are remembered forever. Sholay is that iconic movie and every individual must watch Sholay in his entire life. If he hasn’t experienced that film then it is assumed that he has not watched anything. Sholay is a phenomenon. Dharmendra got popular after the tremendous victory of the movie. There are a lot of performers who receive captions based on the characters they are satisfactorily known for- be it fantasy, humor or action. When it comes to Dharmendra, he’s the actual He-Man of Bollywood, who was acknowledged for his action scenes & macho characteristics.

His charm and integrity are still adequate to gain a victory over his fans again and again – and make some more in the procedure. His action star impression was developed in 1966 when he emerged in his first such character in Phool Aur Pathhar. After that, he went on to work in movies of several genres-even making people laugh with pictures such as Sholay & Chupke Chupke, knocking the pre-conceived ‘tough guy’ impression out of the gate named ‘comfort zone.’ He has invariably communicated his heart out in his conferences, proving that he’s not one to grind any words.


Here are a few such quotes by him:

“I was the biggest boozer in Bollywood. But one day, on a flight to LA, I said, ‘Enough is Enough’. If I could survive the long flight without a drink, I could stay without touching booze later on in life.”

Addiction to anything is injurious in life. We can protect ourselves from the upcoming damage but for doing that we must showcase determination.

“Today everything depends on marketing. Promoting a film has become essential. My home production Apne was a good film. I don’t think any sports film was better than that. Shah Rukh Khan told me Apne didn’t do too well because we didn’t promote it. I cannot do these promotional exercises. I hate praising myself and never like boasting about my work.”

Everyone and everything is a mere product today. We are here to sell ourselves. If we are not able to present ourselves in a fancy manner then people consider us outdated and forget us. Marketing is an essential activity in this virtual world.

“All I had asked God for was a Fiat car; he has given me so much. There are times when I dig out old photographs of mine before I became an actor and tell that Dharmendra, ‘Yaar dekh, tu wakai actor ban gaya hai.”

The struggle makes us star but still, it is hard to believe, and so we must keep our minds tranquil.

“I am a shy person and I get embarrassed when people compliment me for my looks. But when I think about it later, I feel good.”
Everyone is a human being and loves being applauded. In that particular moment, we feel uncomfortable but when we try to recreate the scene in our mind.

“We have always been very private about our family. I don’t celebrate my gif, we have always kept a low profile in the media. During our time, movies were about to show business but today, it has become a show-off business. You have to blow your own trumpet.”
We must celebrate our time with family and friends. It is difficult to sustain in this world where every moment is like a game of showing off.

“This industry has become a ‘sabzi mandi’ today where you sell, buy and bargain for vegetables. The actors today are dancing and singing for money, going anywhere where money is, get involved in oil massages (pun intended). All for money. Money has everything now.”

Money is the pulling factor everywhere and satisfaction is not.

“It (my biography) may be interesting to the readers. But my life is not for public display. I’ve to safeguard the feelings of all those who love me. I am happy living my life rather than re-living it in writing.”

Life is for living and not for mentioning things in a novel written on our look.