Singer Sona Mohapatra takes on Zoya Akhtar; claims She never got any other opportunity after ‘Ambarsariya’ as Farhan and Javed Akhtar HATED that song

Singer Sona Mohapatra bashes the filmmaker Zoya Akhtar on her Twitter handle, after she gave a statement on an interview.

The debate and controversies related to nepotism was again brought to the limelight after the shocking demise of Sushant Singh Rajput. Kangana Ranaut in another explosive interview with Republic TV, spoke about Bollywood mafia and nepotism. After that, ‘Gully Boy’ director Zoya Akhtar, in an interview on India Today made a sarcastic remark that she is not going to change her parents or career, so people are just going to have to live with it.

Singer Sona Mohapatra, has now reacted to the statement made by the filmmaker. She further mentioned that how Zoya and her father Javed Akhtar, had hated her song ‘Ambarsariya’ so much that she was not able to get any other opportunity.




Sona, replied to Zoya’s statement and her remarks on nepotism by tweeting, “Your privilege need not be ur guilt but it need not make you so glib,condescending & smug.Of course u cannot ‘change’ ur parents.But what u can do is recognise the fortune,opportunities u were born into.Use ur privilege to bring fairness & balance?No. “Will not share MY cake.”” When a user pointed out how she shouldn’t just judge on the basis of a headline, Sona wrote, “I don’t judge by headlines but by having experienced the workings of this self-serving lot year after year. You are free to lap up/watch a ‘glib family’ ‘chat’ & call it an ‘interview’. I see it for what it really is; a hedonistic exercise designed to hoodwink the public.”

She replied to another Twitter user’s tweet about Bollywood threats by writing, “Not very subtle.( FYI, Ambarsariya; both Javed & Farhan Akhtar were hostile/hated it.Only song Excel didn’t bother to shoot a music video for,montage got cut after much .Long story there but of course it’s no surprise why I never got a ‘second chance’. Stood up to the masters.” This tweet was later on deleted, but the screenshot of the tweet has been flowing across social media since then.