SHOCKING: Kangana Ranaut makes allegation about ‘illegal stuff’ in Bollywood says, “Many popular film personalities are hooked’

Kangana Ranaut expresses deep worries about cyber security after claiming that celebrities frequently use the dark web for hacking.

Queen actress Kangana Ranaut, best known for expressing her ideas without filtering them has sparked controversy yet again with her latest claim that several well-known Bollywood characters have been using the dark web to access people’s WhatsApp and email accounts.

The outspoken actress expressed her worries on her Instagram account, highlighting the necessity for the government to take action to resolve this situation.


Credits: Instagram

Kangana brought attention to a recent change that would show phone numbers in addition to registered names while making phone calls in an Instagram post. She praised this initiative and called on the authorities to combat the dark web as well.

Kangana claimed that some celebrities in the film industry were not only using the dark web to obtain illegal content, but they were also hacking people’s emails and WhatsApp accounts.

The actress made a suggestion that many well-known figures in the film industry would come to light if authorities decided to take action against these kinds of actions. Kangana emphasised the significance of resolving this issue in order to preserve cybersecurity and safeguard people’s privacy, despite the possible consequences.

Kangana is still working on her career despite these accusations. In the upcoming movie “Emergency,” she is slated to play Indira Gandhi and serve as the director as well. In addition, Kangana is working with R Madhavan on a psychological thriller that Vijay is directing. She was also paired with Prabhas and Mohanlal in the Vishnu Manchu starring “Kannappa.”

The director of “Queen 2,” Vikas Bahl, has confirmed that the story is finished and progressing. This year is the tenth anniversary of the first “Queen,” so fans may look forward to the much anticipated sequel.