SHOCKING!! Did Nikhil Patel want an open marriage with Dalljiet Kaur? Here’s what we know

A Reddit user claiming to be employed by the company of a close friend of Patel’s has made some shocking allegations regarding the conflict between Nikhil Patel and Dalljiet Kaur.

The story of Nikhil Patel and Dalljiet Kaur’s marriage collapsing has been doing the rounds for a while. Rumour has it that the actress, who wed Nikhil ten months ago, returned to India following an incident in their idyllic paradise.

Nikhil and Dalljiet have even unfollowed one another on social media and removed any photos of one another from their accounts.


While these developments simply served to fuel the rumours and speculations that were already rife, and came across a reddit post that makes some startling assertions.

This article claims that a user who knows Nikhil “via via” says that Nikhil told Dalljiet about his desire for an open marriage after they were married. In addition, the user alleges that Nikhil is a “flirty man” who frequently stalks girls who are younger than him and buys them drinks.

The user goes on to say that Nikhil never took his marriage to Dalljiet seriously and that he persuaded her to come back after she had left after a heated argument between the two.

Despite their ongoing efforts to patch things up, the couple hasn’t officially split up yet. Nikhil, however, is against the marriage because Dalljiet hasn’t complied with his demand to be in an open marriage. Additionally, the user says that Nikhil is currently dating a woman by the name of Sapna. Nevertheless, because he doesn’t want anyone to know about her, Nikhil and Sapna have both unfollowed one another.

The user writes: So I know nick via via! He has a big social circle and we have some common friends as I’m working in his friend’s company in Nairobi. He is always invited in our office parties and to be very honest he’s a party animal. There’s nothing wrong in being extrovert but he has always been this flirty man who would always try on pretty ladies. And he was never serious about the marriage as well as he wanted an open marriage but daljiet being a single parent was never going to follow this trend. He told Daljiet to have an open marriage after she shifted with him after the wedding.

He further wrote that, According to his friend they had a big fight and Daljiet came back to India but Nick convinced her to the level that she returned. He being a cheater, couldn’t let go of his dirty habits, and kept stalking girls younger than him in parties. I swear I’ve seen him stalking girls and buying them drinks for pleasure..Sapna is the one who he’s dating now and he has unfollowed her as well so that people don’t get to know about her. DK and NP haven’t got divorced yet as they were still trying to mend things but NICK THE D**K doesn’t want her at all as she’s not ready for his conditions.

Although these are merely assertions made by an anonymous Reddit user, Dalljiet has twice in her posts indicated the initials of a person going by the name “SN.” The actress has also charged Nikhil with cheating and refusing to accept their marriage. As of right now, though, the actress has avoided discussing the same.