Shehnaaz Gill fans lash out on Asim Riaz as he tweets ‘people get over loved ones soon’

Asim Riaz in his new tweet wondered how people get over love ones, after watching some dancing clips. Twitter users lashed out at him.

Asim Riaz is being been being called out for his last tweet, which appears to be a dig towards Shenaaz Gil, his co-contestant at Bigg Boss. Shenaaz Gill was seen recently dancing at an engagement party bash of her manager and seeing that the Twitter users believe it is she who Asim targets for appearing to ‘get over the death of Sidharth Shukla.

The tweet seemed to talk about some ‘dancing clips’ along with how people move on after the death of a loved one quite soon, as shared this Monday.Twitter users have speculated that the tweet Asim shared was talking about the dancing clips of Shenaaz that have surfaced recently, as she was seen dancing at the engagement party of her manager.


“Just saw few dancing steps…seriously people get over loved ones so ssonKya Baat Kya Baat (amazing)….#Newworld”, Asim took his Twitter account to share this on late Monday night.

Seeing this, one of the Twitter users wrote, “If this is for #ShenaazGill then I feel bad for Asim.1st of all he has NO rights to judge someone like that. And Shenaaz has no life left? She’ll do what makes her happy. It is sick and sad that Asim doesn’t understand how grief works. Love to @ishehnaaz_gill SHAME ON ASIM RIAZ.” “Highly unnecessary!Just because people get back to their normal lives doesn’t mean they have forgotten that person.It was her loss how one is handling their grief, no one should judge!At some point even she has to live her life pls be more sensible while tweeting”, another user commmented.

A glimpse of responses to Asim Riaz.