Shefali Shah reveals she does not want to step into the role of a '40-year-old' mother anymore; Here's why | Business Upturn

Shefali Shah reveals she does not want to step into the role of a ’40-year-old’ mother anymore; Here’s why

Shefali Shah, who played Alia’s mother in Darlings, says she doesn’t want to play a mother of a “40-year-old.”

Darlings actress Shefali Shah has received praise for her performance. Shefali played the role of Alia Bhatt’s mother in the film. In a new interview, Shefali has demanded that filmmakers not approach her for the part of mother since she will not play it.

Shefali revealed in an interview with Filmfare, “When I’m seventy, I’ll play seventy. Unless you give me a role that is like going from a certain age to a certain age and it blows my mind, in which case I’ll say, you know, I’d die for this role. So it’s not that I won’t do it, but please, for the love of God, don’t come to me with ideas about who to cast as a mother. And I am a mother, and I am proud of it. But don’t mistake me for the mother of a forty-year-old and a thirty-year-old. Okay. That is the first.”

She continued, “Second, I want to play leads and parallel leads, and by leads and parallel leads, I mean one of the main characters. Unfortunately, I must use the terms ‘lead’ and ‘parallel lead’ because our industry does not know any better. And seriously, offer me something worth my time. Don’t say things like, ‘We adore your work, and you’re one of the best,’ and then come up to me with something offensive. Do not attempt it. Please do not do this. And I want to work; I want to work with all types of directors and on all types of stories.”

Shefali will be seen in the future projects Delhi Crime 2 and Doctor G. Season 2 of Delhi Crime will be available on Netflix on August 26. Richie Mehta’s first season of the show was based on the Delhi police investigation into the 2012 Delhi gang rape.