Shark Tank’s Vineeta Singh talks about sexism in the business world: ‘He wanted to talk with a man’

Sugar Cosmetics founder and CEO Vineeta Singh recently talked about sexism in the business world.

Sugar Cosmetics founder and CEO Vineeta Singh, who is also displayed on the new reality show, Shark Tank India. Vineeta Singh appears as one of the seven ‘sharks,’ airing on Sony TV. However, the entrepreneur recently shared her roller-coaster journey on ‘man’s world’.

As per Humans of Bombay, Vineeta recently talked about sexism in the business world. The post read, “I invested my own money and even got funded! But being a woman in a ‘man’s world’ had its challenges–once, an investor refused to hold a meeting just with me. He wanted to have the business talk with a ‘man’. But I decided to let my work do the talking.”

Vineeta further continued, “I continued to run. I even completed the Ironman Triathlon! That win kept me going, especially when the company ran out of funds.”

In the conclusion part, Vineeta added, “It’s been 5 years since; we’re now a team of over 1500–75% of which are women! And I’m continuing to do everything I love. I run my company, I’ve run marathons even when I was 6 months pregnant and run circles around my children. Still, people question my choices. I’m often asked, ‘How will you raise 2 kids and run a company?’ But why is it so tough to believe that a woman can play more than 1 role? I walk into the office with my files in one hand and my baby in another. The juggle is real, but it’s also totally worth it.”

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