Sharad Kelkar reveals why he chose to play a transgender’s role in Laxmii refused by many others

In a recent interview, Sharad Kelkar reveals the reason he chose to play the role of Laxmii which was perhaps refused by many others.

Laxmii has gained a lot of attention from the people especially for the performance of actors in the film. Sharad Kelkar who plays the role of Laxmii stunned everyone with his acting in the film starring Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani. In a recent interview, he opened up about choosing a role that many refused before.

In a chat with Pinkvilla, Sharad says he feels happy about the audience’s reception to the film. He revealed that his wife was the first one to compliment him for his portrayal of Laxmii. He added, “Apart from that, it is nice when people recognise your efforts and appreciate you and are surprised when they see you do the unexpected. It gives me more confidence too.”


When asked why he took up a role that many others refused, the actor revealed that he had watched Kanchana before and said yes in the first go. He stated that he wanted to grow as an actor and was ready to try out different roles.

Talking about the apprehensions for his role, he said, “When I did Bairi Piya on TV, a lot of actors from my fraternity and friends told me why am I doing it? You should do a lead role, why this? but then I got an award for that show. I told them because I want to learn. I am very adamant in terms of choosing. If I want to do something, I will do it, when it comes to projects and professionally. But when it comes to this film, in particular, no one expressed apprehensions, in fact, they were happy.”

While talking about the challenges of his role, he revealed that director Raghava Lawrence and Akshay Kumar both helped him with the body language. He talked about how during the speech scene, he had no reference. He revealed that talking to the transgenders on set and hearing their stories helped him portray that scene well. “Interacting with them, learning their back story, and the pain behind their smile and hardship, I got goosebumps and was teary-eyed. We talk about our pain but it is nothing in front of them,” he said.