Shanaya Kapoor is taking the vanilla girl trend into the new year

Discover Shanaya Kapoor’s winter wardrobe transformation on Instagram, featuring a perfect blend of biker jackets, structured suits, and cozy layers. From classic off-white suits with knitted sweaters to laid-back styles with turtleneck sweaters and blazers, Shanaya nails the art of winter fashion. Embrace the “vanilla girl” trend with her subdued tones, showcasing a preference for soft shades like beige and white. Explore the balance of minimalism and quality in her outfits, drawing inspiration for your winter style.

Shanaya Kapoor has started the year with a winter wardrobe that blends seamlessly into the season. She shared a series of photos on Instagram showcasing a range of outfits, including biker jackets and structured suits. Her classic off-white suit, paired with a beige knitted sweater, aligns with the tones of the “vanilla girl” trend and caught attention.

Layering is a common technique in winter fashion, and it can be an art form involving a mix of textures, colors, patterns, and prints for maximalists. Minimalists may focus on subtle details. The goal is to strike the right balance, aiming for “just enough.” Prioritizing quality over quantity is key, and Kapoor seems to have honed this approach.

Photo Courtesy of shanayakapoor02

Kapoor opted for a laid-back style by layering a knitted turtleneck sweater under a lapel-collared blazer, paired with matching wide-legged pants, and brown-nude boots. Jennifer Lawrence recently wore a pastel yellow turtleneck sweater with a camel-toned overcoat, while Emily Ratajkowski layered an overcoat along with black boots on a casual coffee run.

Photo Courtesy of shanayakapoor02

Shanaya Kapoor has recently gravitated towards subdued tones, regardless of the style she adopts. Her choices, whether lehengas, kurta sets, or her recent trip photo dump, show an inclination towards soft shades like beige and white, alongside the classic black. This stems from the viral “vanilla girl” aesthetic, which gained widespread popularity on social media.