Shamita Shetty clarifies the reason for her anger towards Raqesh Bapat in the Bigg Boss OTT house

Shamita Shetty says she went into ‘defence mode’ after being single for a very long time.

Previous Bigg Boss OTT contender Shamita Shetty has clarified why she here and there flipped out at co-challenger Raqesh Bapat on the show and called him spineless.

In an interview, she agreed that she was to blame, and said that even her family told her that she should’ve been kinder to Raqesh. The two framed a bond on the show, and are as of now investigating their relationship.


She told Bollywood Bubble, “There were some times when I didn’t speak kindly to him, which is actually a fact. A lot of people, my family have also told me. But see, you have to understand, I don’t endorse what I did, but I think it’s my defense mechanism, and it just comes out naturally. I have been single for a very long time, I used to take care of myself, to protect myself. And in this house, I felt targeted and attacked a lot, because of who I am, with a loud voice”.

Also said, “I went into defense mode. I didn’t like the way I spoke to him sometimes either. I watched one or two episodes, especially the fights, this week which was very difficult for us. It was so unpleasant. Even the video they showed me in the house. It didn’t make me feel very good about myself. It is certainly not something that I would like to come back to with him. “

Raqesh and Shamita are in no hurry to proclaim their relationship status, in any case. Raqesh conceded that things may get troublesome thinking about that Shamita will before long leave for Bigg Boss 15, which starts on October 2.