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Shah Rukh Khan’s top 5 most Iconic characters

Explore the top 5 most iconic characters played by the legendary Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan.

Shah Rukh Khan, the king of romance has really done justice to the name given by fans. from his facial expressions to the beautiful emotions poured out through his eyes, SRK indeed is one of the greatest actors Bollywood could ever ask for. Each of his characters has its own identity and place in the hearts.

And here are the top 5 most iconic characters played by King Khan:

5) Rizwan Khan – My Name Is Khan

Rizwan Khan, an autistic Muslim man begins his journey to America so that he can meet the President and let him know that even if his name is Khan, he is not a Terrorist, because, after the militant attacks on September 11, Mandira, Rizwan wife who is Hindu suddenly becomes Islamophobic. a beautiful message delivered by a beautiful character. Rizwan’s innocence, his pure soul, and his intention to prove that terrorism is never about any religion is something that makes this particular character by Shah Rukh Khan so iconic, that one should never ever forget about it.

4) Om Kapoor – Om Shanti Om

One of the most iconic movies of Bollywood, and if Shah Rukh Khan is in the lead, then of course without any doubt, the character has to be an icon as well, and Om Kapoor is that character. His true love for the actress Shanti Priya and his devotion towards her is something that not only makes this character iconic but also the entire storyline of the film. Even after her death, Om is still in love with her wholeheartedly and he even sacrificed himself to save her, but unfortunately, the date has other plans for them. Reincarnated as a superstar, Om when realised who he is in reality, he is determined to take revenge and seek justice for his beloved Shanti Priya.

3) Rahul – Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

One of the most memorable movies for the 2000s kids, loved by many and discussed by a lot, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai indeed is a must-watch movie if we are talking about SRK’s Iconic characters. Although Rahul might not be favoured by a lot of youngsters nowadays before he choose Tina over Anjali, after her death, realized her love for Anjali. but it does not change the fact that Rahul is one of the most Iconic characters, not only for Shah Rukh Khan but for the entire Bollywood industry. From his lovely and outgoing personality to his dialogues, everything about him is just legendary.

2) Dev – Devdas

Devdas is a movie which is loved by all the people who ever fell in love, and devoted their heart, soul and emotions to a person that they started having questions about their own existence. Devdas, a young man hailing from a wealthy family was not allowed to marry the love of his life, which is why in order to cope with the emotional pain, he started taking her help of alcohol. Devas is such an iconic character, that today whenever you are referring to a person who is in love, you compare them with Devdas, especially if they are going through a heartbreak. Devdas indeed is the epitome of heartbreak resulting from falling too much in love.

1) Raj Malholtra – Dilwale dulhania Le Jayenge

You can not say Shah Rukh Khan without mentioning Raj, the character was one of the most iconic characters of SRK and the entire Indian film industry as well. right after the realization of the movie, Raj became a sensation and not overnight, but in seconds. today the movie soon will mark its 30th anniversary, but the craze of it, especially Raj is still the same, and it definitely will always be the same. Raj is that character who could do anything to keep his love by his side, exactly what he did for Anjali, his lover whom he met during their trip to Europe. both fell in love, but because Anjali was already promised to another person, Raj followed her to India, did his best to persuade her father, and eventually won her over. Raj is definitely an inspiration for all lovers to believe in their love and themselves.