Shah Rukh Khan celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi in Mannat after Jawan’s success 

Shah Rukh Khan celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi at his residence. Following the success of Jawan, Shah Rukh Khan posted a photo of his home Bappa on Instagram.

The bright spirit of Ganesh Chaturthi has once again overwhelmed India, and celebrities are leading the way in welcome Lord Ganesha into their homes this year. Among them, Shah Rukh Khan, the legendary Bollywood celebrity is also no exception.

Shah Rukh Khan took to social instagram to give his best wishes to his fans and provided a peep inside the festivities at his Mumbai home, Mannat. He shared an image of Lord Ganesha’s idol with a moving message that touched devotees across the country.

The actor’s Instagram picture, which included Lord Ganesha’s idol and a touching message shows his devotion and humility, engaging with his followers on a deeper level during this auspicious time.

Shah Rukh Khan is not the only celebrity taking part in the festivities. Other important individuals from the entertainment business, like Shilpa Shetty, Arpita Khan, Manish Malhotra, and Ananya Panday, have joined him in worshipping Lord Ganesha. Their united joy adds to the celebratory spirit that is sweeping the country.

Shah Rukh Khan’s is currently enjoying in the success of his most recent film, Jawan. The film has not only dominated the domestic box office, surpassing the extraordinary Rs 500 crore barrier, but it has also made a big effect on the global stage, making an astounding Rs 858 crore.

In India, Ganesh Chaturthi acts as a unifying celebration that brings people together. Shah Rukh Khan’s film success just adds to the holiday cheer, making this year’s Ganesh Chaturthi more special for him and the Jawan crew.