Selena Gomez’s boyfriend Benny Blanco reveals the secret of getting laid

Selena Gomez’ boyfriend Benny Blanco made a surprising revelation on how to get laid on Valentine’s Day.

The songwriters Hall of Fame, in a TikTok video, showed the romance begins in the kitchen by whipping up a batch of homemade fried pickles.


“Guys, it’s Valentine’s Day and these are my girlfriend’s favourite pickles,” said Benny in the clip, which had been captioned, “Fry… pickles get laid.” He added that the only problem was the pickles were only to be shipped from Texas, which is Gomez’s home state.

While putting his culinary skills at demonstration, Benny shared, “Make you batter. I put Sprite in mine, if you don’t like it go f–k yourself.”

He later put the pickles in the batter and tossed them into a bowl of Panko breadcrumbs. He then dropped them in some bubbling oil in a frying pan.

Once the process was completed, he said, “Alright guys, take one, dip it ranch, eat it, get laid.” He continued enjoying his ranch before wishing his followers a “Happy Valentine’s Day.”