Scam 1992 Actor Pratik Gandhi Remembers His Hardships: ‘There Will Be Months Of No Income’

Pratik Gandhi has spoken out about his early career challenges, including how he had to do menial jobs including building TV towers to make ends meet.

With Abhishek Bachchan’s The Big Bull, the web series Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story returns to the spotlight. Both are based on the life of stockbroker Harshad Mehta, who was charged with financial fraud in the 1990s. Though Junior Bachchan played Harshad Mehta in The Big Bull, actor Pratik Gandhi played the character in Scam 1992.

Pratik Gandhi has now spoken out about his early career challenges and how he had to do menial jobs including building TV towers to make ends meet. ”I moved to Bombay–for 4 years I worked on a project basis so that I could act. But there’d be months with no income. So, I did odd jobs like installing TV towers & anchoring,” the actor said.


He also discussed his family’s financial situation following the loss of their home in the 2006 Surat Floods. Pratik remembered his family’s forced relocation to Mumbai and how they all shared a small home. Pratik was forced to take a full-time job at that point.”Then the 2006 Surat floods took our home. My family came to Bombay & the 4 of us stayed in a 1RK; after I got married, 5 of us were in that tiny space. So I took up a full-time job. Still, I’d rehearse for 2 hours before work & after, I’d do plays. I did this for 6 years,” he said.

The Scam 1992 actor goes on to say that he started his acting career in Gujarati films before being contacted by Hansal Mehta’s team. ”Then finally, I got a role in a Gujarati film! So, I took a 22-day leave from work for the shoot. At times, right after my shot, I’d get on a work call. After the shoot, I went back to work. I wasn’t even there for the promotions. Fortunately, ‘Bey Yaar’ was a hit; overnight, I became a mainstream Gujarati actor. So the next time I got a film offer, I took the risk & at 36, I quit my job! Although I had a house loan, & a toddler, it felt right.I did some Hindi films & web series, but I got my big break when I got a call from Hansal Mehta’s team. I was shortlisted for Harshad Mehta’s role in SonyLIV’s Scam 1992,” he said.