Salman Khan’s most iconic dance performances

We are completely aware of Salman Khan’s killer acting skills and the incredible masterpieces that he has contributed to Hindi cinema but this versatile actor hasn’t held back on dancing because his stunning moves have surely made everyone go wild.

Here are Salman Khan’s most impressive dance performances:


1. Oh Oh Jane Jana from Pyaar Kiya toh daarna kya (1998)

Salman won everyone’s hearts when he made a spectacular entry being shirtless and holding an electric guitar in his hand by showcasing his toned body. His energetic moves surely made many grooves over it in a splendid manner. The hand gestures and steps were top-notch.

2. Jeene Ke Hain Char Din from Mujhse Shaadi Karoge? (2004)

The iconic hook step that became so popular within its exposure was the classic towel dance which came to be very trendy. It was choreographed by Farah Khan to match Salman’s distinct character. The song also had witty lyrics to it which made the dance appear even more fantastic. Salman’s enthusiastic shiftings were the highlight of the entire music video.

3. Hudd Hudd Dabangg from Dabangg (2010)

Another famous hook step that became recognized was Salman’s Hudd Dabangg Dabangg while moving his belt up and down. Only Khan can pull off such a minimal step yet with sheer conviction. The dance was choreographed by Shabina Khan and Raju Khan. It featured the policemen doing this amazing step and is bound to be very favoured.

4. Just Chill Chill from Meine Pyaar Kyu Kiya (2005)

Featuring the talented stars Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan this song has a different theme to it. With the step of shoulders being pulled back to the rounding of hands, the overall dance is a power package. Khan can be seen grooving on the steps in sync and Katrina also did a wonderful job of showcasing her dancing skills.

5. Jalwa from Wanted (2009)

This awesome dance was choreographed by Prabhu Deva. Salman appears in a shirt and wearing a headband while lifting his collar up and down. Other than the hook step, the overall song has a tremendous liveliness to it with Anil Kapoor coming in the picture.