Salman Khan steps in to help the Movie Stunt Artistes Association

Salman Khan and Netflix India to prvoide financial aid stunt artistes registered under the association.

Finally, relief is on the way for the Movie Stunt Artistes Association. Salman Khan and Netflix India have now taken the initiative to help the association’s stunt artistes. Action director Aejaz Gulab, the association’s General Secretary, stated that the organisation had not received any help until recently, adding, “Now, we are receiving help from Salman Khan, and the money will be transferred into the accounts of our members.” Even Netflix will help our organisation, providing some comfort for people who have been sitting at home without job”.

During the initial lockdown, stars such as Tiger Shroff and Ajay Devgn aided the stunt performers. Ajay Devgan being son of action director Veeru Devgan ,has contributed Rs 5000 to 350 members of the Movie Stunt Artistes Association.  Tiger, who is well-known for his own stunts, had delivered food to 250 members of the association.

Akshay Kumar, the khiladi of Bollywood, has also continued to help them by paying for insurance coverage for all 616 members of the association. When things are normal, a stunt artist gets around Rs 9000 each shift, which includes transportation costs. The majority of the association’s members live in rented flats. Because fitness is a key need of the profession, they must maintain a certain lifestyle and stick to a specific diet. During the lockdown, this had proven quite difficult for them.

Even if shooting resumes, Covid rules prevent crowding on sets, so stunt artists will have to wait before returning to the set. Keeping this in mind, the fraternity appears to be doing all possible to help them in times of need so that they can get through the crisis.

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